Cordyceps, a genus of Ascomyte (Sac Fungi), are endoparasitions (parasitic on insects, arthopods and other fungi). There are approximately 400 species found worldwide. However, Cordyceps renamed Ophiocordyceps Sinensis are natives of alpine humid climatic zones of Asia (particularly Nepal, China, Bhutan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand). Cordyceps means 'club-headed'; Kordyle is derived from Greek meaning 'Club' and ceps from Latin meaning 'head'. It is called Yartsa Gunbu in Tibetan, Yarsa Gumba in Nepali and Sanjiwani Buti in Sanskrit. The Cordyceps fungus attacks the host (caterpillar) and eventually replaces the host tissue as mycelium invades it. It is a paramount source of biochemicals with pharmacological and biological properties like Cordycepin, an immunosuppressive drug helpful in organ transplants. Holistic Health (Pvt) Ltd. has brought Cordyceps in capsule form, which is comfortable to carry and use.


   Effective in treating and preventing respiratory disorders; e.g. cough, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis and asthma.

   Helps treat and prevent kidney problems and digestive system disorders

   Assists in improving liver function, and treating and preventing liver disorders, including Hepatitis B

   Improves sexual and reproductive problems and helps treat male infertility

   Addresses anemia, and problems of bone marrow and platelets

   Strengthens heart and circulatory functions, and removes high cholesterol

   Strengthens heart and circulatory functions, and removes high cholesterol

   Assists in treating and preventing tumor, cancer and ulcer including eye problems

   Strengthens immune system and addresses arthritis

   Helps to heal and prevent drug addiction

   Promotes longer life and reduces the effects of aging

   Useful as a stimulant/tonic to increase energy, enhance stamina, improve athletic performance and reduce fatigue, dizziness, weakness and unwanted weight loss

Active Ingredients

   Macronutrients: Essential Amino acids and Enzymes;

   Micronutrients: Crude Protein, Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Potassium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Selenium, Silicon and Vitamins B1, B2 ,B6, B12, E and K; and

   Phytochemicals: Polysaccharides, Cordycepin, Adenosine/Nucleosides, Adaptogen, Fatty Acids and many more …


It's best to avoid Cordyceps after organ transplant or if one has auto-immune diseases (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus). This supplement is not recommended for oral consumption by pregnant, breast-feeding mothers and people with bleeding disorders. Each person will find one's best dosage after using it. Please check with an expert on food supplement or a doctor for precautions and dosage.